8thvember 21st, 2022


Our small item consignment appointments are now full through December 9th. The next time to call for an appointment will be Monday December 5th at 10am, to book an appointment for the following week, December 12th through 16th.


We recommend calling early, as appointments tend to fill up quickly. We apologize for the inconvenience, but can only schedule so many people & take so many items each week.








ALL CONSIGNMENTS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please read below for details and a list of items we are not accepting. In the future, any items we are overstocked on will be listed here as well.





We are currently overstocked on:
** If you bring these items, please be prepared for us to pass on them.



- wall art 




  • Lamps are something we regularly get overstocked on - for this reason, we ask that each consignor only bring 2 lamps at a timeAll lamps need shades and must be in working order. If they are found to be defective, we will automatically donate them.

  • All clocks must be in working order when brought in (with batteries if applicable). We will no longer accept clocks without functioning batteries.

  • We are no longer accepting framed prints for the most part. We will occasionally make exceptions for original art, horse/equine art, or things with local significance. Any wall art should be approved before bringing it in. You can send pictures via email or text for approval. Please include your name when you text.






Due to the high volume of emails we receive, please do not expect an immediate reply. 

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working to make the system more efficient, but at this time just one person is responsible for emails / scheduling furniture, as well as pricing & entering all items that come in.


If you have not heard back from us within a week or so, please feel free to call & check in on the status. We have been getting a lot of inquiries lately, and occasionally some get missed or looked over.


Appointments for bringing in furniture are about 1-3 weeks out, depending on the number of pieces you have. We have a waitlist for bringing in dining furniture - expect a long wait, or the possibility that we cannot take yours at this time.



**Updated on 11/28/2022**



                                           THANK YOU!





When you arrive for your holiday consignment appointment...


We will try to quickly assess your things and return any items that we feel we cannot sell.


If you bring a lot of items, we may not be able to unpack everything right away. If you do not want any of your things donated, please be prepared to come back within a couple days to pickup any returns.




Examples of things we may not accept:


  • single mugs, at our discretion
  • single glasses (glasses should ideally be in set of 4 or more)
  • inexpensive ornaments, stockings, candle holders, figurines, decor, etc
    (we may take some if there are multiples and/or if they can be grouped by theme/color, but a single item that was originally $5 or less doesn't have much resale value)
  • Christmas trees (smaller ones are usually fine, but we typically don't take standard/larger trees)
  • strands of lights
  • Christmas cards
  • gift bags & other gift wrapping supplies


We do not take Christmas Villages. 



Dishes and glassware should be free of any damage - chips, cracks, old repairs - and MUST BE CLEAN! We do not have time to clean things for you & do not want to display or sell dusty, sticky, or dirty items. This really applies to all items, but most especially when it comes to dishes and glassware - please wash or windex + wipe down anything questionable BEFORE bringing it in. 



Anything that is intended to light up or make noise should be working. If we discover at any point that an item does not work as intended, it may be automatically donated.





Holiday items will be marked to 50% off on December 15th. 

Please do not consign anything that you are not comfortable parting with at a discounted price or ultimately, donation. We put a lot of time & energy into processing and displaying things, and when consignors want to reclaim those items, it creates extra work for us. For that reason, we ask that you please do not reclaim anything that was priced at $50 or less.


If you do choose to reclaim any items, we cannot guarantee help finding them in the store. If it is quiet and we can take time away from our other tasks, we will assist where we can. We also ask that you are patient and considerate when coming to reclaim any items - especially when we are busy assisting other customers, or if there is a line of people waiting to make purchases. We will print you a list of remaining available items, so that you can find them. We must then remove the tags & verify that you have the correct items (remember, particularly with holiday items, there may be other consignors who bring identical things). Please bring your own boxes and wrapping to take away any reclaimed items.



Consignment Policies...

We accept a wide selection of home furnishing and accessories on consignment. You will find a PDF copy of our consignment agreement below. Please be sure to read the contract, as it explains how and when payments are dispersed!

  • Items that sell for more than $50 return 60% to the consignor, while items that sell for $50 or less are divided equally, 50% to the consignor, 50% to Room Service.
  • Consigned items are marked down 10% each 30 days, and are kept on the sales floor for up to 4 months.
  • At the 4 month mark, items are marked to 50% off, and are considered eligible for donation. At this time the consignor may pick up any unsold merchandise, or Room Service will donate such merchandise on behalf of the consignor. It is the responsibility of the consignor to keep up with their items. We are happy to email an inventory list to consignors after entering the items in our computer system. The inventory list will show the pick-up date for each item.
  • Please note: we will be having Habitat donation pickups every couple of weeks, so consignors who do not want their items donated should pick them up at the 4 month mark to avoid the possibility of their items being donated.

If you are interested in consigning furniture, we ask that you email pictures of the item(s) to so that we can discuss salability, possible asking price, and schedule an appointment to bring the item(s) in. 

Due to space limitations, we MUST have incoming furniture on our schedule. We are typically scheduling 1-2 weeks in advance, depending on the number/type of item(s) you have.  We regret that we are usually unable to accept large pieces that are not scheduled. If you are unable to bring in larger items yourself, we are happy to recommend a delivery service, but there is a charge for their services. We are not able to help with unloading furniture.

ALL items need to be clean, free of animal fur, free of smoke and other odors, and in good repair. If items are sent that require cleaning, a charge may be imposed. You are responsible for making sure your items are clean - vacuumed, dusted, washed, etc. Dishes and glassware (or other small items) that are dusty or dirty will not be accepted, and will be either returned to the consignor or automatically donated. This is is especially the case for artificial flowers or greenery - please do not send in dusty arrangements!

Small items, such as accessories, must be dropped off during scheduled appointment times only. We welcome you to call or email to schedule an appointment.  Because we are now scheduling the small items, you may choose to either:

  • Drop off your boxed items for us to evaluate, and for any items we are not able to accept, we can add them to our Habitat donation boxes.
  • Or, you may wait for us to go through your items, so that you may take home any items we cannot accept. Because of space and social distancing, we just ask that you wait in your vehicle, or you may browse the shop while we review your items.

Finally, there are a few items that we are unable to accept - please see below for a detailed list. If you have an item that you think we might make an exception for, please email us a photo. Specific items we are overstocked on will be listed at the top of this page, and will likely change frequently.


Please note - 

  • Lamps are something we regularly get overstocked on - for this reason, we ask that each consignor only bring 2 lamps at a time. All lamps need shades and must be in working order. If they are found to be defective, we will automatically donate them.

  • All clocks must be in working order when brought in (with batteries if applicable). We will no longer accept clocks without functioning batteries.

  • We are no longer accepting framed prints for the most part. We will occasionally make exceptions for original art, horse/equine art, or things with local significance. 



Our Contract:

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